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Pregnancy tracker for smart would-be moms

Pregnancy is a major milestone in the journey of womanhood. Excitement, anxiety and confusion occupy a woman’s mindspace during this time. It’s perfectly natural to have doubts and questions. And the need for a friendly, reliable source of information is highly felt by every pregnant woman.

Mom2Be enables pregnant women to cultivate a healthy, stress-free lifestyle. It decodes the complexities of pregnancy in a simple, scientific way and helps them reduce anxiety and confusion. Presenting Mom2be, a feature-packed pregnancy tracker app created for all women of childbearing age who are planning a pregnancy or are already pregnant. It provides relevant, reliable information that helps a woman in understanding the process of pregnancy. The in-built pregnancy tracking features assist in a simple way on how to effectively cope with the multiple physiological and psychological changes that take place during pregnancy.

Key highlights of Mom2be Baby

  • Integrated pregnancy calculator for scheduling activities & events
  • Appointments, pregnancy chart, doctor details, visit details etc.,can be synchronized with pregnancy calendar
  • Timely alerts for medicines, pathology tests, doctor visits, etc.
  • Products pertaining to pregnancy can be easily ordered on rent through the App


Simplifying & accelerating blood look-up

Finding it difficult to find a blood donor? Not anymore! The MyBloodBank App makes finding donors quick and efficient. If blood is made available when it is most needed, it can make the crucial difference between life and death.

Blood is needed by many people for diverse reasons; patients suffering from anemia, victims of accidents or injury and people who have undergone surgery. But the challenge is that the right type of blood in the right volume is not easily available, especially on short notice. Now, the MyBloodBank App will make blood availability quicker and easier. With this blood donation app, blood seekers can requisition blood at any time and if a match is found then the requested person gets a notification about it. Nearby blood banks can also be searched through the app. Also, NGOs can register their camps.

Key highlights of Bloodbank

  • Rapid response to blood requirement during emergency
  • 26x7 access to potential blood banks/prospective blood donors
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Facilitates online blood donation

Reference card

More power in the hands of the doctor.

The Guidelines App ranks at the top among assorted medical apps. It is a smart, digital ready reference for doctors and therapists. It provides valuable information that enables practitioners to make informed decisions at the point-of-care, thereby enabling them to improve patient outcomes. Competent teams of doctors within these organizations form the committee which regularly reviews the guidelines and issues updates wherever there has been a new finding or change from the earlier followed protocol/drug. These guidelines are available to the members of these organizations in print format, or as a downloadable PDF. Guidelines issued by these societies become the norm in the management of the patient.

Key highlights of Reference card

  • The application’s content can be updated quickly any time and made available globally, unlike the printed version which cannot be so easily updated
  • The mobile application is easier to carry and refer as compared to the print versions of the Guidelines.
  • The reach of the application is wider compared to the print versions, in the evolving digital era. The information becomes available at a click and can be referred to at any moment .
  • Analysis of the clicks and views within the application help in gathering vital information regarding the overall popularity of the content.
  • Exact download figures can also be obtained, which help the societies/organizations in knowing how many people have been reached, and on which platform (iOS/Android/Windows).
  • There are additional advantages like being able to bookmark a page, for viewing at a later time, or of making notes and saving them. These notes can then be viewed in a separate section within the app, or also on the page they are made

Retail Star

Improving efficacy of POS transactions

RetailStar is a leading-edge Retail Management solution that helps improve efficiency, speed and accuracy at the POS. It enables retail enterprises to improve the overall customer experience at the POS touchpoint.

Maintaining accuracy and speed while coping with the ever increasing volume are the key challenges faced by users working at retail POS terminals. RetailStar effectively addresses these concerns, making life easier for the staffers. Designed from the ground up, RetailStar integrates multiple capabilities that enable them to enhance operational efficiency and deliver a seamless experience to customers.

Key highlights of Retail star

  • Platform-independent solution.
  • Multi-store capability
  • User friendly, versatile software

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- Edwerd Tellar.